1. The Efficiency Conundrum

    I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about what corporate efficiency really is. In any organization, creating the most efficient culture is an extremely subjective issue. What does it mean to be truly efficient?

    There will be follow-up posts on…

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  2. Managing Attention

    Here’s an interesting question: in business school, we talk a lot about managing up, managing down, and managing every which way but inside. Our ability to pay attention – as managers and as employees – is assumed. But how do we structure teams and…

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  3. adverve:

    For 12 days, 12 shoes for 12 lovers

    Artist Sebastien Errazuriz explores the faces of his past relationships in 12 shoes for 12 lovers, where he invents footwear to iconise a diversity of loves and sexual experiences. Think of it as a design-age version of Memories of my Melancholy Whores (not that the chicks are whores, it’s just … you know, the same “deep dark reflections on years of random bedtime fun” vibe).

    Because of Tumblr constraints we can only show you 10. See all the shoes, and their story, on the dedicated site (linked above).

  4. Top 3 Productivity Myths Debunked

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  5. There just has to be a better way!

    Productivity: there just has to be a better way!

    You know that feeling you get when you’re stuck at work, going through a list of 200,000 Twitter users to see if any of them match the other list of 200 Twitter users that you have to compare it against, as you painstakingly copy and paste each one of the…

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  6. A really interesting take on gamifying happiness. Though I wonder if this trend of “brain-training” (i.e. Luminosity) and recurring lessons will fatigue consumers? 

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  7. chartier:

    Print a few copies, keep them in your bag for friends and family gatherings. Review it periodically. And find a way to get less alienated.

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  8. A fantastic insight into the fascinating subject of lists and productivity. 

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  9. thedailywhat:

    Conspiracy Theory of the Day: The Pixar Theory

    After years of fan-driven speculation of whether or not every Pixar feature film has taken place in the same universe, blogger Jon Negroni recently shared what he believes to be a solid timeline proving their interconnectedness. Beginning with Brave (2012), Negroni traced all of Pixar’s 14 feature films that take place from the 14th century through the distant future of 4500-5000 A.D., where time travel has become a standard part of life.


    Whaaaat?! So cool. Not sure if I believe it, but still cool. 


  10. you can work here



    A new program called Free Desk Here asks agencies to make better use of their free space, and give birth to individual creatives who are looking for a fun place to work.

    Agencies that participate get a screen printed poster to promote their space. The first 50 on board get signed posters. Everyone keeps working.

    This is a fantastic idea and a great way for agencies to meet creatives who are driven, see their work, monitor their fit with the agency culture, and potentially make a mutually beneficial hire.